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Fuel for your business

We are a manufacturer of high-quality foundry coke, blast furnace coke, and industry and heating coke. Our coke fuels your business.

200 000 tonnes/year

We operate on a large scale. We carry out our production activities using a 45-chamber coke oven battery, which allows us to achieve an annual production volume of up to 200,000 tonnes.

100% Polish capital

Unlike other coke manufacturers in our country, we are a private company with entirely Polish capital and all shares in Koksownia Bytom Sp. z o.o. are owned by natural persons.

Flexible conditions

We adjust our range of products to market needs, taking the specific requirements of each customer into account, regardless of scale. We offer our customers the possibility of negotiating individual terms of delivery and purchase prices.

We offer:
Blast furnace cokeFoundry cokeCoke

We flexibly adapt the manufactured products to market needs, taking the specific requirements of large and small companies into account.

Distinguishing features of our coking plant

We are growing every day to meet market needs.
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Quality guarantee

In the demanding market of fossil fuels, quality plays a particularly important role today. We are aware of this. To remain competitive and to meet our customers' needs, we operate in accordance with European standards

Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2015,

Quick arrangements of technical and commercial conditions

Possibility of negotiating terms of delivery

200 000
Annual production volume
Polish capital

We are a producer of high quality coke

Leaders in environmental protection

At our plant, we care about the environment; for this reason, we treat 100% of the coke oven effluent. The priority of Koksownia Bytom is to produce the highest quality products while constantly reducing our impact on the environment.

The company operates based on the "Integrated Permit for the Coke Manufacturing Plant" issued by the Marshal of the Śląskie Voivodeship.

We focus on continuous improvement and modernisation. We implement and use all best available techniques (BATs) in full compliance with EU standards.

Creating the Virtual Coke Museum

Ultimately, we plan to locate the museum in the historic gym building of the former Bobrek Steelworks, but before that happens, we need your help.

If your story or the story of one of your family members is related to coke, coking plants and coke ovens, tell us about it and include photos or videos. You can write a letter or an email, make an audio or video material. You don't know how? Write to us. We will meet and together we will create a story that will inspire generations of industrial history enthusiasts.

Wirtualne Muzeum Koksownictwa
ul. Konstytucji 74b
41-905 Bytom

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The high standard of specialists' work is the foundation of our production processes. Join the team and change the face of the industry with us.