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or several years, as part of the Great Christmas Charity Action, together with PETRALANA Foundation, we have been helping others for Christmas with joint forces and resources. The PETRALANA Foundation’s activities aim to provide material aid to those who need it most, in line with the principle that this is what Christmas is all about – sharing.

Koksownia Bytom as a sponsor of the first league team of BS POLONIA BYTOM in the 2022/2023 season

Koksownia Bytom as a sponsor of the basketball players of BS Polonia Bytom is going to continue the cooperations in the following 2022/2023 season of men’s basketball games in The 1. League. Already a year ago, at the moment of signing a contract with the club, CEO Koksownia Bytom Rafał Szostok pointed out how important it is to actively support sports in Bytom, which allows to implement the assumptions of the Koksownia Bytom business responsibility.

Charity hockey game – Gramy dla Kuby

Great sporting excitement accompanies a beautiful goal of the meeting – on Saturday, September 24, Koksownia Bytom supported a charity campaign for the treatment and rehabilitation of Kuba Goniwiecha, a 10-year-old pupil of the PETRALANA Foundation, who suffers from the rare Niemann-Pick disease, known as childhood Alzheimer’s.

Adaptation of the historic coking plant buildings

One of the proposals of the ongoing Development and Professional Activation Zone project is to adapt the historic building of the Koksownia Bytom to new functions. The company’s management board has recently expressed their hope to revitalise the facility to, among other things, create a space for the exhibition of the Coke Museum. The museum is currently operating in a virtual formula – collecting memories and anecdotes regarding the coke production process, as well as digital archiving of exhibits.

Koksownia Bytom – rebranding

Ladies and Gentlemen, by giving our company a new name, so strongly associated with the history of the place, we want to demonstrate our consideration for the industrial traditions of the Bobrek region. Furthermore, we want to draw the attention of the residents of Bytom to the fact that despite its long history, Koksownia Bytom has great prospects for the future. The plant meets all ecological standards and constantly invests to systematically minimise its impact on the environment.