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Organisational changes at Koksownia Bytom

By decision of the Supervisory Board of Koksownia Bytom Sp. z o. o. , on June 20, 2023, a change in the position of the Chairman of the Board has been implemented.The to-date Vice President of the Board, Stanislaw Churas, took charge as the interim Chairman of the Boards, until the procedure of electing a new Chairman is accomplished. He superceeded Radosław Tumielewicz, who in turn took up the position of Managing Director of KOKSOWNIA BYTOM Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.). Both companies have been operating within the ŚLĄSKI HOLDING PRZEMYSŁOWY S.A. (JSC)

Koksownia Bytom is a private enterprise with 100% Polish capital, all shares of which are in the hands of natural persons. The plant operates on a 45-chamber coke battery, which produces 200,000 tonnes of coke per year of various specifications, such as heating, blast furnace and foundry coke. The plant employs a total of about 310 employees.


 As of 2015 and until recently, Radosław Tumielewicz was the Chairman of the Board of PETRALANA, now being appointed Managing Director of KOKSOWNIA BYTOM, thus increasing his involvement in the supervision and implementation of the Coking Plant’s new investments.  

Regardless, Radosław Tumielewicz remains within the structures of PETRALANA as Chief Operating Officer, supporting the Company in both – production and commercial activities, as well as taking an active part in the development of the Company’s strategy.

A unique industrial symbiosis

PETRALANA and KOKSOWNIA BYTOM have been operating and cooperating in the frame of ŚLĄSKI HOLDING PRZEMYSŁOWY. The plants are connected by a unique industrial symbiosis: Coke oven gas, which is a waste in the coke production process, is used to power the technological line producing stone wool. This is the only solution of this kind in Europe.