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Congratulations to the PETRALANA Foundation

Coke Plant Bytom is very happy to congratulate the PETRALANA Foundation on the occasion of the honorable moment of receiving the medal of the city of Bytom. This unique distinction is not only recognition of the Foundation’s achievements, but also confirmation that its invaluable work has a real and lasting impact on the development of the local community.

The entire ceremonial award ceremony was an extraordinary experience for us, filled with pride and emotion. We are deeply proud of the fact that we can be a partner supporting the Foundation in implementing its ambitious educational projects and in providing help to those in need. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the PETRALANA Foundation’s continued commitment to the local community. Your work and dedication in the field of charity activities are extremely inspiring to us. The medal of the city of Bytom is a well-deserved distinction that additionally emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of your initiatives. Receiving this prestigious distinction should be a source of additional motivation for the Foundation to continue its excellent mission for the common good. We are confident that your inspiring actions will continue to bring positive change and bring new perspectives to the life of the community. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts and we are glad that, as Coke Plant Bytom, we can be part of your success.