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Skarby śląskiej szafy – We are a partner of Muzeum Górnośląskie in Bytom

For many years Koksownia Bytom has been involved in the life of local communities by supporting the initiatives of the inhabitants and institutions of our city, and recently, as a partner of Muzeum Górnośląskie in Bytom, we have been contributing to shaping the attitudes towards active participation in culture among the inhabitants of Bytom and the entire region.

We encourage you to visit the museum to see the display of over 800 exhibits related to the Silesian folk costume as part of the “Skarby śląskiej szafy” exhibition, open to the public from September 23rd, 2022 to next year’s September 30th. Among the exhibits of the museum there are unique elements of clothing, old wardrobes (the oldest from 1796) and painted wooden chests. We invite you to admire the treasures from Silesian wardrobes!