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Charity hockey game – Gramy dla Kuby

Great sporting excitement accompanies a beautiful goal of the meeting – on Saturday, September 24, Koksownia Bytom supported a charity campaign for the treatment and rehabilitation of Kuba Goniwiecha, a 10-year-old pupil of the PETRALANA Foundation, who suffers from the rare Niemann-Pick disease, known as childhood Alzheimer’s.

A fantastic meeting of the Hockey Representation of Polish Artists with the TVN24 team took place at the ice rink in Bytom. The match, full of incredible emotions, ended with a result of 8:5. Many hockey fans, as well as a large number of Bytom’s residents took part in cheering the players of the event, their generosity making raising funds for Kuba’s treatment possible. We would like to thank everyone for participating in the event, intensive cheering, plentiful financial support and for creating a great atmosphere.