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MMG Koksownia Bytom and the PETRALANA Foundation decided to help organise a charity hockey match that will take place on 25 September 2021 on the Braci Nikodemowicz Ice Skating Rink in Bytom. MMG is one of the sponsors of this event, the Foundation is a partner, and the City of Bytom is the host.

The players of the charity match have been training for several days now. The Polish Artists Hockey Team will play against the TVN24 team. Mariusz Czerkawski, Maciej Maleńczuk, Mariusz Kałamaga, and others will appear on the ice skating rink. The President of Bytom, Mariusz Wołosz, will also play in the match. The game promises to be exciting and, above all, good fun for a good cause. Tickets for the event went like hot cakes – it reflects well on the residents of Bytom, who are always happy to help. All proceeds from the match will go towards the rehabilitation of Łukasz Wysocki, a judoka from Bytom.

In January 2020, the residents of Bytom were shocked by the news about an unfortunate accident of a teenage judoka, which thwarted not only his sporting career but also his life plans. As a result of an unfortunate fall in a trampoline park, Łukasz suffered a spinal cord injury in the cervical spine and unilateral 90-degree cervical dislocation. He underwent successful surgery – the dislocation was set, the disc pressing on his spinal cord was removed and replaced with an implant. Thanks to arduous and systematic rehabilitation, Łukasz has regained some control over the upper and lower parts of his body, with an overall significant improvement on his right side, which allows him to walk on crutches. Once he fought on the mat, now he fights every day to return to as much fitness as possible. To achieve this goal, he will undergo oxygen therapy using a hyperbaric chamber. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment method that improves physical and mental health, allowing the body to recover faster and return to activity after an injury or surgery. Large amounts of oxygen, emitted at a higher pressure than that under normal conditions, are dissolved not only in the blood but also in the plasma, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid and, as a result, the body becomes much better oxygenated and, therefore, healthier, more resistant and able to regenerate quickly. This form of rehabilitation requires regularity and is associated with high costs, hence the idea to make Łukasz the beneficiary of the charity match.